fuck yr twee

So I’m only now hearing about this book Twee, written by Marc Spitz. In addition to Zooey Deschanel (eh, okay?), Portlandia (what?), Disney (???????), Spitz lists Rookie as a point of reference for the apparent rise of Twee. His definition of “Twees” (ugh) BTW, is: 

Twees, as I saw them, were souls with an almost incapacitating awareness of darkness, death and cruelty, who made the personal choice to focus on essential goodness and sweetness. They kept a tether to childhood and innocence and a tether to adulthood as is required by the politically and socially active. 

Like, are you fucking kidding me? 

Labeling us twee is offensive. Rookie gets flack for being too cutesy, but I’m never really sure what people are referring to, aside from some of the photography and the fact that we are girls (and, hey, girls are twee, right???)

Rookie has premiered music by bands like Ex Hex and Perfect Pussy, not to mention interviews with feminist activists like Shelby Knox and Roula Seghaier. The site includes tutorials, articles, and advice regarding building computers, drug use, BDSM, how to make a compilation tape, police brutality and many more things that are NOT twee. Yeah, sometimes we put glitter on things and we play liberally with the signifiers of teen girl “cuteness,” but if you ain’t reading the site YOU AIN’T READING THE SITE. 

If there is a gentle revolution, Rookie is not part of it. 

EDIT: I am not talking about twee as in Sarah Records here. I love Sarah Records, Tiger Trap, K Records, etc. I am talking about the definition of twee as put out by Spitz. “Twee” is not inherently a diss, but I think calling Rookie “twee” within his framework is wrong.